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Our Mission Statement

There are positive relationships between academic achievement and participation in regular physical activity.  Students who participate in regular extra-curricular sports and physical activities perform better academically than their non-active peers.   The Pre‐Collegiate Regional Equestrian Program (PREP) affords students an opportunity to challenge their physical selves, grow emotionally, succeed academically, and prepare for the next step in their academic and equestrian educations. 


This is achieved by providing riders 19 years and younger the opportunity to develop strong horsemanship and horseback riding skills through regular riding and team competition and introducing riders to colleges in their region offering equestrian programs.  

Who Can Participate?

Teams are formed of as little as 4 but no more than 12 riders from farms and/or riding facilities that have a current lesson program. Students must be enrolled and actively participating in the current weekly lesson program to be eligible to compete on their PREP team. Teams may also be scramble teams consisting of members from more than one farm.


Team competitions, referred to as meets, follow a divisionary format tailored to each rider’s skill level; allowing beginners thru advanced riders to participate. 


Farms and/or riding facilities that participate in PREP must have use of horses (i.e. school, privately owned horses) available and access to an indoor ring to be eligible to host a meet. All teams are required to pay membership dues to participate.

‐Each team must provide suitable tack when hosting.

‐It is the Host Team’s discretion whether to allow incoming teams to use their own saddles.

‐Tack may not be adjusted without the permission of the host team.

‐Host team must provide a description of the horses being used in the meet.

‐The season will begin in October and run through March of the following year.

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